5M SP Starter 4.1B

(Flavius Julius Crispus) #1

Starter character for sale

4.1 B FIRM

I will pay transfer
positive walllet
Transfer will be via plex


(Jessica Stoyadinovic) #2

4.1bn B/O

(Jessica Stoyadinovic) #3

Withdrawn, found another tooon

(Hotprok Gengod) #4

still available?

(Flavius Julius Crispus) #5

Yes available.

Was a long day at work yesterday. Sorry for the delayed response.

(Mazaki) #6

4.1b buy out

(Flavius Julius Crispus) #7

Accepted, please forward isk and account details.

(Flavius Julius Crispus) #8

No communication from Mazaki, will have until downtime to initiate isk transfer and provide account details. Otherwise sale will continue.

(Flavius Julius Crispus) #9

Still for sale.

(Stuu Reborn) #10

I would offer 4B as needs work even for SP farm, if you want then contact me.,

(Mazaki) #11

was AFK for the weekend. ISK and account details sent

(Flavius Julius Crispus) #12

Isk and account information received. Transfer request ticket submitted. Please confirm character receipt when process complete.


(Mazaki) #13

Character still have not came through. What’s the status on your side?

(Stuu Reborn) #14

Mazaki, I think plex transfer is delayed on all

(Flavius Julius Crispus) #15

Upon submission of my ticket, I received an email for CCP indicating they received my request. I suspect they are delayed in response to the requests.

(Mazaki) #16

Character received. Thanks!

(system) #17

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