6 skills CCP should remove to drastically improve NPE


More dumbing down ideas …

Soon a game without Skills and just ships for an improved NPE !!

FYI, part of the fun in having constraints with them kinds of core skills as a new player, is finding ways around them with various module types or combinations, shiptypes etc …

BUT of course, New Players are dumb and cant think for themselves … Better keep changing the game mechanics to suit them instead … That’ll work out …


Mine are level 5 already, you’ve probably noticed, Ive even begun my expensive Advanced Crybaby training ^^

Dafaq you talking about, CCP already engaging in more new-player friendly game focus, have you missed that?
SP for $$ so you can learn all that skills you thought you need, but never could bring yourself to actualy learning them over Advanced Astrogeology!

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Mining Barge
Mining Frigate

These skills can go two! Newbros do not need them.

Not sure how to interpret that - are you saying newbies shouldn’t mine, or are you saying they should mine in barges?

Actually, since I started EVE in 2003 the game has become exponentially more complex. In 2003 you had Frig, cruisers, and battleships.
The mining ship of choice was the Apoc because it had 8 turrets.
There was no Concord until after some evil doer’s camped Yulia with a Dominix.

What a lot of you seem to fail to understand is that EVE’s primary resource is new players. Without them constantly feeding through the game things like the market collapse. As certain Items become unused or unfarmed by lower Sp accounts.

Removing some low multiplier skills to counter this is hardly an issue for anyone.

There’s a 185 AU stretch in Oipo where I regularly get capacitor empty warning ( especially in a shuttle )…yet it warps anyway.

Ha! The game would function pretty much as normal, if there were NO skills at all (or hidden, maxed out skills), just wealth gain and loss.

We don’t fly HAC fleets because players wouldn’t have the skills for bigger ships.

The majority of players already have an abundance of skill points on their mains. It just took time and money, that is all. Players often fly smaller and cheaper ships, because those are cost-effective and ship losses are common.

But…to be charitable, CCP needs to make money to pay employees and keep servers running. Understandable.

Player progression mechanics, misappropriated from roll-playing games, are the commonly accepted way to do it. Doesn’t make much sense, from a multiplayer gameplay perspective, but this is how monetization is usually sold and it works.

Some people may also derive some joy from optimizing their skill progression path, so that’s a nice little extra for them. We don’t need it for enjoying the main course though.

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Me : Comb hair
Eve : You don’t have a comb…nearest comb is 87 jumps away
Me : Buy comb…pilot to GodKnowsWhere system…Moon 2
Me : Pick up comb and apply to head
Eve : You do not have ‘Hair combing skills 1’
Me : Purchase hair combing skills 1
Eve : You do not have ‘Parting your hair skills 1’
Me : Purchase parting hair skills 1
Eve : If you are going to go out looking like that you need ’ Doing up shoe laces skills 1’
Me : Purchase doing up shoe laces skills 1
Eve : Shoe laces need shoes…you need ‘Using shoes skills 1’
Me : Purchase shoes skills 1
Eve : Ah…now you need to purchase ‘Walking Skills 1’
Me : Purchase walking skills 1
Eve : Now you need moonwalking skills…like Michael Jackson
Me : Huh ? Purchase moonwalking skills
Eve : Now you must buy ‘Disco Dancing Skills 1’
Me : Purchase disco dancing skills
Me : I simply wanted to comb my hair !
Eve : Skills queue 285 days…but for 650m ISK we’ll reduce it to 270
Me : Aaaargh


I totally agree. The early game experience needs to be about learning the environment, do’s, don’ts can’t can… Lots of reading and research. NPE should be centered around what world the player has jumped into.

Yep. Missions are kind of the gateway into the game. I like the missions as they are now ( so far ) I’m dabbing into a few things to experiment what I like best for the time I have to spend playing. EVE offers a lot of stuff to do and that reading helped me a lot. And there’s always the Help Chat, most players in there are happy to orient, it’s been my experience anyway.

Agree. PvP is cool, it’s fun and all that but sometimes a good-rounded storyline is just what one needs to start to get into the game after work… there’s always housecleaning but flying in space is more fun.


The word “management” does suggest that a skill is primarily a tedious bother.

The problem is, ccp highlights nullsec wars etc. You never see advertisements about pve activities as much as you do pvp. Journalists sure dont mention hardly any pve activity.

You get a lot of nullsec in rookie chat encouraging new players looking for clans or corps to find a null corp to join.


There’s those promotional vids about careers in EVE and capsuleer aspirations. They show Exploration, Mining… I think CCP tries to keep it balanced between PvP and PvE but any good gamer knows PvP is best :wink:
The journos will write whatever sells, I don’t gage anything on their words.

I kinda like the EE way of doing this (at least halfway) A single “Engineering” skill that increases PG, CPU, and Capacitor.

I think rather than removing the skills full stop we could bundle them.

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Invasions and Drifter attacks made the news :stuck_out_tongue:

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No it’s not.

Not solely anyway.

That’s a false pretense thrown around by late marketing folks to justify all the ■■■■ that’s happened to this game over the last decade.

The reality of maintaining Eve’s primary resources lies in retaining the current, the old, and the new playerbase, not one over the other.

Removing said skills is not the issue, it’s how you approach them in your playstyle ingame at your own level, and how you plan around it for the time it takes to train them.

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“Yes, but you’d better start with Incursus to see and decide what you prefer to focus on first, guns or drones”

How to know if you prefer drones… if you can’t use them.


As an Amarr player that’s something I skilled pretty high (it’s IV), specifically where having a sustained cap to hang in a firefight longer is key.

On the subject of skills-that-make-no-sense, it’s funny how Weapons Upgrade reduces CPU demand of weapons while the Advanced Weapons Upgrade reduces weapons demand on the powergrid. If we need to change the skills in any way to make it user-friendlier, the names would be a good start. Just my opinion of course.


LOL! I felt exactly like that during my first week. Skill for the ship. Skill for the small lasers. Skill for the armor repairer. Skill for the afterburner. Skill for the target painter. Skill for the webber. Skill for the heat sink. Skill for the rigs.

It’s a wonder I lasted long enough to actually undock the damn ship. :rofl: