6 years later

Have not played in six years.
How is the game now?
Population rising steady or falling?
Looking to come back, what are the significant changes to miners, builders, and small ship fleet dynamics?


How is the game now? NPCs roaming everywhere to keep people from being afk or die

Population rising steady or falling? Falling

Looking to come back, what are the significant changes to miners, builders, and small ship fleet dynamics? no changes to miners/builders, small fleets is just a matter of finding a corp, and we have higher taxes now

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Bah, taxes suck. Are roaming NPCs fight worthy at least or just nats to be swatted?

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The roaming Triglavian NPC’s are tougher than regular HS rats, and their wreck salvage pays a lot more - tho that goes down the longer they exist / are farmed. They don’t warp scramble, so you can choose when you’ve had enough, if your current ship/fit isn’t working out.

Larger groupings of Triglavian NPC’s are found in special “Invaded” systems (you will see a warning message before entering one) are tougher to deal with; they don’t warp scramble on gates, but “anchoring” types might be seen in other locations.

Unlike regular NPC’s they show up on d-scan, so you can look for or be warned about Triglavians this way.

6 years? NPC miners are helping clean out the belts in all areas of space. They aren’t as good at mining as players so it takes them a long time, but since they don’t stop, they actually do clean out some belts by DT.

If your standings to their corp is bad (they show up red) OR if you shoot the ones that are not red - an unusually coordinated combat response fleet will arrive, from frigates to battleships. (Somewhat random.) This could include warp-disrupting NPC’s, logi, ewar, DPS.


Sweet, so viable pve content in high sec while I get my feet wet again.

Do trit bots still flood the market?

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Yes but there numbers are currently reduced so the price is a little higher.

CCP is issuing a monthly dev blog about the War on Bots.

You can view highlights of significant game changes over the past couple years, by paging back on the regularly updated “updates” site. It’s less “wall-of-text” than reading older patch notes and dev blogs.

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Thank you


Welcome back to Eve and good luck to you.

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Except for all of the changes in the last 6 years like orca/rorqual buffs, harvester mining drones, boosting mechanics revamp, upwell structures for refining and manufacturing, moon mining changes, expedition frigates, porpoise, etc. Yeah, no changes.

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Doing a check on eveskillboard, I can fly a Charon freighter, and the rorqual. Hope they are still useful.

God I need to relearn the game.

They’re both very useful. You can make a decent income hauling in a Charon around highsec, but you’re also at risk of getting ganked. Rorquals mine an outrageous amount of ore and now have an invulnerability module, but they’re very juicy targets and typically require capital support in case you get caught.

Yeah, one toon I think I set up for that. Jump to highsec, move stuff, jump to null-sec to mine.

My other toon is full combat with battle cruisers with max gun and missiles.

Nice. I’m sure some null sec group would love to have you. Just a heads up, local chat has been removed from all of null.

Removed how?

There’s instanced PvE against these enemies too, with just yourself in a cruiser or up to three capsuleers in frigates.

Sweet read.

Local in null behaves same as Local in wormholes. It appears empty, and players only show up if they talk in local.

Oh sweet, thats good.

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Welcome back :slight_smile: