63million SP character from 2012 for sale

Giant Wednesday, daily bump.

Daily bump, nicely done

Friday, cold beer, footie and pizza, daily bump.

Bumping this post feels like doing shitty streaks on SC. Streaks, daily bump.

Reducing my bid to 43Bil

Rejecting your bid, thanks.
Note to all: Please don’t bother posting again if you don’t come with at least 55b offer.

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Afternoon all, daily bump.

Im roasting and its probably only 27 degrees over here, daily bump.

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changed started price from 70b to 55b, any offer under that will be ignored. Danke. Daily Bump.

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Daily bump. Cheers.

Hi, good. Daily bump.

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48b :ok_hand:

Cheers, looking for 55b or above though.

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