63million SP character from 2012 for sale

Selling myself. my current SP is 63,797,443 with an Unallocated SP of 1,312,500.

  • Wallet: positive balance.
  • No kill rights at all.
  • Two jump clones in high sec: a) Jita IV - Moon 4 - Caldari Business Tribunal Bureau Offices and also b) Kisogo VII - State War Academy
  • Character is currently awaiting for the sale in his headquarters located at Jita Moon 4.
  • Two remaps

Good standings against:

  • Sisters of EVE 8.4544,
  • Caldari Navy 6.4775 and,
  • Lai Dai Corporation 5.2039

For more information please visit https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/largoxky_maomao

Bids are starting at :arrow_right: 55 Billion ISK. :arrow_left:

Thank you, o7

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45Bil offer.


Thank you for your interest, but I need to decline both offers.

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45bil ready now

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So, you’re underbidding yourself from 45.5 to 45?

Sounds great.

45.5 Bil offer, ISK ready


Kindly rejecting the offers.

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Thanks for your offer. I’ve updated the sp total and sp unallocated. I’ll let go the character for 55b.

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