64-bit Mac Client, Wine, and YOU

As the resident macOS #devfleet poster, I have been considering a good reply to this for a long while.

But as I already use upstream wine with a minor hack to get the touchbar working properly I haven’t figured out what to write. I haven’t heard any complaints about this on Tweetfleet slack either, but most people there are also using upstream wine I guess?

Losing the keybinds would be a pain, but i am sure @Aurora_Morgan can talk this idiot thru getting them back somehow.

The magic mouse is my preferred mouse while traveling (200+ days a year - so you could say I use it more often) It is compact, easy on batteries, no friggin cords and syncs better than any other mouse. I mean, I guess i could get another mouse but essentially having a permanent trackpad on your mouse is awesome.

Finally got my access to my accounts back: dead computer and restoring phone — bad combination.
Losing the key binds isn’t going to be a deal breaker for most (I probably should not speak for the community, but I am me…) it will just be a putting teeth cutting for some people.

I am more concerned with proper support - as my 2012 iMac died, my replacement is the i7 2018 Mac mini. Which should last me a long once I can get an EGPU for it.

All I ask, please keep potato mode EVE. If I want pixel porn, I will find a good hentai site. :crazy_face:

P.s. I missed this community.

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I still wonder who programs in 32b in this century…32b is dead at least 20 years but I understand that for most users it doesn’t bring any advantages.

What I wonder about is that you put more and more graphical crap that clutters PC resources - most hardcore players always play in lowest graphical setting for maximal performance…IN EVERY GAME :wink:

EVE is about multi-boxing as always has been. Try run 8 clients at once :smiley: - there is no HW for that unless you love to waste 5,000€ on PC that will be obsolete in about a half year.

My, almost maxed out, Apple MBP 2017 “struggles” with three clients at once…why would I want better graphical experience? I run lowest setting anyway - I wonder who has time to observer tiny details on Retina LCD anyway…perhaps some kids with lots of time, sponsored by daddy.

It took you years to make basic stuff as UI scaling…that was revolution for me. I had sore eyes and headaches from tiny text on my LCD.

KEEP IT SIMPLE and don’t forget about hardcore players. Even lowest graphic setting clogs even best PC :wink:


I already use upstream wine with a minor hack to get the touchbar working properly

Please tell more, I struggle with touchbar.

Changed key bindings would be somewhat tricky to get used to again.

Personally I’m using what wine is packaged with EVE Launcher by default, didn’t know you can change that in settings before reading this topic. Though I’d use something different if it would help to tackle function keys on touchbar.

thank you for keep the client going for Mac users. was dreading having to buy a PC again.

Announcements forthcoming, but the results from our 2nd mass test looked pretty good and initial public Mac 64 usage is returning helpful data. The ball is rolling!

Thank you all for your comments and contributions here. It’s super helpful to have a vocal user base and really great to show engagement to the decision makers.

I’ve been using an Anker mouse with my iMac so that I can right click in Eve. I see no big problems with the changes you are talking about for Wine. I don’t think I’ve ever used those key combinations in Eve, except to try to copy and paste from chat in order to try to use Google translate occasionally. It turned out not to work well enough for realtime chat . Speaking of which, It would be really cool if there were a way to translate in Eve especially between Russian and English since the alphabets are so different.

Would it be possible for the individual player to set the keybindings to use the CMD button if they wanted? Not too familiar with wine, but this would be a pain as going from in game to out of game apps.

As long as Eve continues to run smoothly on my MBP, I’ll be happy. I need to be able to play when I’m traveling. OK I’ll be honest: I need to be able to mine while I’m at work =P

It will be interesting having to switch between the standard CMD shortcuts while outside of the client window and then using the CTRL shortcuts while in it. But that’s a minor annoyance at worst. I’m often switching between my MBP and Windows machine at work, so I’m used to using the wrong shortcuts on either machine already. And my gaming PC at home has Windows.

I use a regular mouse, because I don’t understand the Magic Mouse, so if I’m understanding correctly, nothing changes there for me.

First, thank you for including the Mac users in the 64bit upgrade! And second, the switch to winehq-master seems good!

For anyone else who read and wondered, just give this a try:

If you were previously using the option key to send the alt key signal to Eve, like option-F1 to activate a mid slot, or option-c to open carco, those shortcuts are all now on the command key – The same physical key location as the alt key on a typical PC keyboard. The option key is now unused in Eve.

So, that change resulted in some Eve alt keystrokes (now on the command key) conflicting with the Mac shortcuts already on the command key, cut/copy/paste/select all. To fix that conflict, those keystrokes were assigned to control-x/c/v/a in Eve, where they have been anyway. Now if you command-x/c/v/a in Eve you get the game command instead of the MacOS command. Other apps and MacOS are not affected.

As for the mouse, the situation might be better than the devs expected. Any mouse with a physical right-click should send the right signal, and addtional buttons can [re]mapped to their various functions in System Preferences or 3rd party apps. As for Apple mice and trackpads, their inputs are also mapped as real functions (left/right click, scroll) not just hot keys.
Control-click is the Mac right-click shortcut (not command-click), and it still works, but fortunately it doesn’t interact(interfere!) with Eve.


how about keys like F1-F12 - so far on mac if you not hold the cmnd key + f1 the bindings are not working, is it possible to be changed? I had to move the bindings from that keys to other keys in order to be able to use high slot shortcuts

Well that all sounds very reasonable. As the average user that will take only a small amount of getting used to.

I work on PC during the day for my job, and ONLY use my Mac to play Eve on, literally Netflix and Eve, so for people like me I imagine the transition will be more or less seamless, with perhaps only a few key bindings to modify.

Thanks for looking after us by the way. Mac users appreciate it, especially because at one point it sounded like we were going to be left behind, Eve-less !!

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Linux support would be great, too.


No issues whatsoever with the changes. Glad to have the 64-bit functionality. Thanks CCP

Um maybe I am confused here but, Macs have been using right clicks for years and years now. Is that what you are talking about? Of course I have a recent Mac. No dinosaurs here.

I use a Razer Tartarus programmable keypad a LogitechG 525 Mouse and a Logitech Pro keyboard anyway. Then remap keys as I see fit with your settings panel. They (Razer and Logitech) already make software that allows me to use their products. The LogitechG software works without a hitch, the Razer software works.

You seem to be saying you are fixing what isn’t ‘done broke’?! I find it easy to accept that the key name on the board might not match what is displayed on the screen. But it actuates the command intended and that’s all that matters. Be like the reed in the water (right?).

Then again, maybe I am just miffed that I spent 20 minutes yesterday ironing out my key mapping, LOL!

Nice to know that our native 64 bits are going to be used. We already have the best graphics in all the lands, well at least for now anyways. :wink: So as long as the game continues to work without any problems, and I never had any problems before this, then great! I have a sneaking suspicion that any problems reported were very old macs. Macs that were way past time to upgrade to a new machine.

I’m used to hating to play on Mac. I’m sorry CCP but winehq emulation, especially in large scale fights - is just pies of unbelievable ■■■■. I barely can play (I wasn’t actually). My only hope is the 64bit version of it. I don’t care about binding, as long as the client itself will not crash.

@CCP_Antiquarian , is there any news on MoltenVK <=> dxvk <=> wine that has changed in the last few weeks? I’m assuming you’ve seen the MoltenVK v1.0.34 / VK 1.1.106 release.

In System Preferences -> Keyboard there’s an option “Use F1, F2, etc as standard function keys”. Instead of the brightness, sound, and other system shortcuts.