64 bits transition

The new MacOS Sierra already started an announcement about the use of the 32-bit application, in the not too distant future. Will it be 64-bit? (eve client)

I got the same warning message. https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT208436

Can I keep using my 32-bit apps?

Yes, you may continue to use 32-bit apps with your Mac today. Using 32-bit software has no adverse effects on your data or your computer.

Also they did not set a deadline. Worst case, keep an older version of OSX until EVE is ready. Or use a cheap (older) Mac/PC/Laptop/… just to play in the FUTURE, IF and only IF “Apple decides no more 32 bit apps” AND “CCP has not developped the 32 bit client”. Also you could just install Linux on some cheap (for Mac users a state of the art PC of $1500 is lollerskates cheap) PC/Laptop and use it.

Damn, the amount of options you have at your disposal… but yes, panic.

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