64bit and Linux

Will I still be able to play under Linux with the 64bit Client?

I don’t see why not, just need to make sure your wineenv is 64bit.

You should just read the forum to the devblog.

I’ll save you a bit of time, and consider this to be the best response you’ll get, because Linux is officially not supported:

Someone asked:

CCP answered:

Hope this helps.

Again, redirect your attention to the devblog forum and perhaps take part in the public test.

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That’s cool that it’s at least on their radar, especially since it isn’t officially supported. Since the Mac client also uses wine (I believe), they will be in the same boat as linux users - so something will have to be done.

I do really appreciate how Eve “just works” on Wine. I know that CCP had to put some effort in that, even if it was to just get the Mac client working.

I’ll test it when it comes out and give feedback. DX11 works for me on linux, but some things like gas clouds are not rendered at all on DX11 but are on DX9.

I play in potato mode and everything is not rendered. Equality !

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