[6E] Capsuleer Racing league - Preseason event

Sign up is now open for Sixth Empires [6E] Capsuleer Racing League pre-season event.

The event will take place on Saturday 17th of February @ 10:00 EVE Time.

Racers to meet in Tash-Murkon Prime.

Use the following form to register interest.

in game contact - Prospector Chief
Chat channel - CRLpublic

Capsuleer Racing League is a new pod racing event brought to you by Sixth Empire.

Our first pre-season event is a winner takes all match.


Entry to the race is 10M ISk which needs to be paid to a Prospector Chief.

I am a captain of a racing team and used to be a champion in the Sub-warp Racing League. I’ll spread the word along some channels.

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