Pod racing.... To the death!

Start your new year with a bang (pop)!

We’re organising a race, with a difference. Get from Lustrevik to the destination (to be confirmed - it will be null-sec) in the quickest time possible. Prove you made it (or how close you got) with your lossmail, bonus point for pod kills.

Are you interested? 10M buy in and prize money to the winner or closest to the destination at midnight on the 2nd January.

The rules:
T1 ship & fit (T1 mods allowed) up to cruiser (let’s keep it open to Alpha clones)
Lossmails must be submitted by 1am on 2nd Jan
After losing your ship, you can continue in your pod!
No docking once the race has started (disqualified)
Amass at Lustrevik 1st Jan, 8pm eve time, race starts at 9pm
Destination will be published here at 8pm on the 1st Jan

The payout:
50% of prize fund to the winner
20% to the runner up
10% to third place
5% to the first to get back to Lustrevik!
5% to the first kill of a competitor with a doomsday weapon (yes null-sec - we want you to gank this race, that’s where the fun is for everyone!)

Interested? Join us on channel #PODRACE2000

Racing to SBEN-Q! Come and pod us!

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I was under the impression that the doomsday weapons can only target capital ships or stations.

I didn’t know - we’ll accept a titan kill in it’s place!

Added channel information

A reminder that we will be running the race tonight!

We are racing to SBEN-Q

The race has begun!

There are doomsday weapons that have an AOE effect. The boson applies damage in a cone, which will kill frigates, and is commonly used against frigate gangs by some titan pilots.

Thanks for the clarification - good to know for the future!

The first race was a hoot! A poor takeup from the community meant that only three corp members were in the first race. The race pot was set at 30M, and Khalyn Ansed took the win, self destructing in the target system at 21:40 after ejecting from the ship (Ship kill: https://zkillboard.com/kill/66995595/)

Zarander Naclon took a different route and was podded some 25 jumps from the destination (https://zkillboard.com/kill/66995470/) and was the first confirmed kill in the race (We’ll be sending 5% of the wallet to the lucky man that podded Zarander in lieu of a Titan showing up) - Zarander took some video of the night and it’s available here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1_XS80UeyC8

I made it to within 1 jump of the target and got podded on the gate in to SBEN-Q (https://zkillboard.com/kill/66995836/) - I was impressed with the commitment to block access, and the damage was dealt in a professional and timely manner without any delay!

Thanks to everyone that participated, both the racers for running the gauntlet, and the players holding the fort and blocking the way!

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