77seven7 C3 WH Recruiting. US tz PVE and Industry

We are a WH colonization corp looking to recruit members interested in living out of a freeport based in a C3 Wolf Rayette. we do regular combat sites and mining ops. We offer plenty of quality of life amenities for corp members including,

-Mining fleet support from an Orca
-RR combat support for whatever ships you chose to fly
-Ore buyback at 85% below average price
-PI and Gas buyback of 90% average price
-A discord server for communication both in game and out.

Applying here will guarantee an interview with me at whatever time is convenient to both of us where we will talk about goals and how the 77seven7 can help you become a true WH settler

Hello There,

This is quite random, but may I recommend a C2 with C3/HS instead. You’ll be able to krab in your C3 and roll it whenever it is dead while still having a HS as static. It is better for both mining and PVP!

hah we’ve actually gotten that one before but I’m afraid we are quite attached to this hole. we even named it <3

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