8.1m SP Focused FRIGATE miner/cov ops/scanner

SkillQ link

Howdy folks! Miss Sunspark is an 8.1 million SP focused frigate driver with the following highlights:

  • can fly Venture/Endurance/Prospect/Anathema
  • Ice Harvesting V, Mining/Astrogeo V, Gas Harvesting II (faction scoops best scoops)
  • One day from Astrometrics V with scanning support skills
  • Can fly mining barge (MB 1 installed)
  • Biology V for maximum booster duration
  • Good light drone skills along with Mining Drone Operation V
  • Good overall support skills
  • Full +3 implants set with a 3% HIghwall MX implant
  • 5.02 Amarr Constructions standing - can pull L4 combat and mining missions

CCP disclosures and rules: this toon gets the ISK, I pay transfer, no scam allowed etc…

  • Wallet: positive
  • Location: Itamo Science and Tech School, 2 jumps from Jita
  • Assets: one shuttle
  • Sec status: positive
  • Jump clones: none
  • Kill rights: none

Starting bid: 6 billion ISK


I’ll start you off with 6b

6.2B offer

6.5b offer

6.8b offer

7.2b offer

7.5b offer

I’ll accept your 7.5b offer. Send ISK and account details.

Wow too soon?

/if he doesn’t buy it I will offer his bid of 7.5b

// it is a lovely name and i would go higher


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I can send, or let bidding go higher. Up to you

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It would be unbecoming of me to rescind my agreement

7.5b is plenty, please forward your details and I’ll get the transfer rolling.


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isk and account details sent

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ISK received and transfer initiated.

Thank you so very much!

Link not working!
Please update.