WTS - 26Million Skill Points - Mining, Covert Transport Specialization, and Planetary Interaction

This character was created an as alt to experiment with mining, planetary interaction, and covert ops transport.

He can fly an Orca, and most lower level mining vessel including the Hulk. he also has a plethroa of mining skills including gas harvesting.
He can fly an Occator and has max experience in Plantary Interation.
He can fly a Bustard, and Crane and has experience for flying covert ops for transport in low sec

He has lots more to offer, but these are the main selling points for anyone looking to get right into mining, planetary interaction, and covert transporting.

I’ll take 10 billion isk for him.

Ill do the 10b b/o, but I would need to see the skill sheet.

Also need to confirm he is not in a corp and all that jazz.

Well them links aint gonna work. I forgot you would actually have to log into my character.

Here is the link I meant to send: https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Lord_Aurilius_Trojar

Offering 11B :slight_smile:

Closed at OP’s polite request.