8 years Chinese player's advice,GM

Suggest developing an arena
Corps arena mode, 5V5, 10V10, 20V20 corps match mode, stepwise rewards, achievement systems, MEDALS like that, a different label, color personalization, once a week, or once a month, or once a quarter, reference eat chicken season, hero league season title awards, etc
It can improve the enthusiasm of the corps online activities and improve the fun of corps personnel participating in PVP
A treasure chest system can only be bought with money, can be issued force ship, force equipment, official equipment, and so on, strengthening equipment and other things.
Out of the stock system, and real stocks synchronization, with ISK buy and sell stocks.
A variety of building skin, or the exclusive skin of the legion alliance
Suggest transitions change, no science fiction
At present, there is no stereoscopic effect on the ship, which can enhance the sense of visual invasion
The interface window is too complex, should fix the simplification, the icon simplification, the operation simplification.
Special effects for shooting weapons, color effects for shooting ammunition, and ship transitions can be made into commercial merchandise
Change the current mode of photography, refer to the mode in grand theft auto 5
The picture is too dark and should be brighter, not necessarily mimicking the real universe
All above are translated by translation software. I am a player from China. EVE has been playing for nearly 8 years

军团竞技场模式,5V5 10V10 20V20 军团匹配模式,阶梯化奖励,有成就系统,类似勋章,出个不一样的标签,颜色个性化,每周一次,或者每个月一次,或者每个季度一次,参考吃鸡季度赛,英雄联盟季度赛称号奖励等

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You are not talking for me and I’m ashamed theat is players like you in Eve …

Hey if it is restricted in location and the pay2win features don’t influence the rest of EVE then why not? The more careless people can spend on EVE the longer it stays alive. :slight_smile:

Bad idea. Players and corporations are already free to set up all the tournaments they desire. Special payed for instanced tournament modes does nothing but leech content away from the sandbox.


So, begging for RMT and even more microtransactions alongside begging for arena PvP. What’s next, begging for the ability to sell items for cash so the OP’s RMT operation can be officially endorsed by CCP?

Oh, and kill EVE’s art design in favor of cartoonish trash because it’s “too dark”? **** no.


Like my post you bubba

The proposition is absolutely heretical, treat it as such and like everyone that agrees.


For the 50943875207548 time.

EVE is your arena. The rewards are survival.

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Every time a person enters an instance there is one LESS person in EVE.

So tell me again how it doesn’t affect EVE?

Perhaps read again what I wrote, I didn’t say it does not influence the rest of EVE at all. :wink:

Don’t bump your own garbage thread, let it die in the gutter where it belongs

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