83.7 m sp cobmat pilot for sale

I am for sale
positive wallet balance, no kill rights, 4 jump clones, character in jita , sec status 5.0
start bid will be 60b
BO 70b

Buyout Agreed in game. Isk and Account Name Sent via Ingame Mail.

isk and account data recived)

isk sent and account info awaiting transfer email

Donald did he take isk off you as well? Because i have already sent him isk and account name.

yeh has he sent you it back?

No. I Am unsure as to what is happening as he accepted my bid and posted above?? screenshotting everything now.

he said he sent you it back

EDIT: Removed proof as its on a support ticket :parrotcop:

No He didn’t. He isnt responding to chat either.

just report him to ccp
get our isk back

If it is some kind of error, mix up or just not understanding the rules, shepher himself might want to contact CCP and hopeful help sort this mess out as the consequences for him are quite severe.

The price that we paid in isk basically ensures it was a scam, but I never say never :parrotdad:

He tried to get me too

He tried to get me as well. I received an in-game mail from him.

What’s the turn around time on these tickets. I’m loosing isk while it sits in this grubby scammers hands.

It depends. Assume a week and find something else to do this weekend

I think my ticket when I got scammed a few months ago took like 5 business days to get resolved. Wasn’t too bad. Just don’t expect anything to happen over the weekend.

Yeah you were right - still waiting.

@donald_gump Did you get reimbursed or see a transfer to you at all?

Not yet buddy prob be next week

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