87.3 Mill SP Canvas

Hello, my name is Olympia and I’m looking for a new home.
My current owner is looking to downsize his fleet because his angry wife does not want him to spend hundreds of dollars on game subscriptions.

So what can I do?, well that’s a good question.
I can probe; (rangefinding, acquisition and pinpointing to 5) all races of frigate to 5 (except edencom)
I can move stuff; (JDC5, JF5, transport ships 5 and all races of industrial to 5.
I can repair stuff; Logi 5, all races of cruiser to 5 (except edencom)
I can drone stuff; t2 heavies and down, sentries and logi.

I have HAC 4, HIC 4, Gal BS5, Amarr BS5 and BC5 and minmitar BC5.

I have all gunnery and missile support skills to 5, heavy and light missiles 5 small and medium Hybrids and Energy turrets to 5.

Anyways, I have not been playing for a while now so I’m up on the exact value of toons these days so I’m looking for reasonable offers.


Positive wallet.
Located in null sec station now and will be moved to high sec once sold.
Has a high grade set of scanning implants, no other clones.
No kill rights.

Skill sheet here:

Any questions leave them here.


40B ready to pay

offering 43b

45 bil

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