8m sp Scanning / Drones



Drones 1.5m SP
-Drone Avionics 5
-Drone Sharpshooting 5
-Light Drone Operation 5
-Drones 5

Engineering 1.33m SP
-CPU Management 5
-Electronic Upgrades 5
-Powergrid Management 5

Scanning 2.27m SP
-Archaelogy 5
-Astrometrics 5
-Acquisition, Rangefinding, and Hacking 4

Spaceship Command 1.65m SP
-Amarr Frig 5
-Covert Ops 5

-Cloaking 4

2 Bonus Remaps Available
See skillboard for implants

Mate replied to your other thread.

I am ready to buy but you never reply or actually stop bids.

Let me know your price and lets do a deal.

I can do 2B + per 5m sp character you have FH36S.

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