9.8mil Exhumer 5 Null sec miner


skill link above

2 quick levels away from Ark reproc IV for your final T2 crystal

postive wallet
no kill rights
located in secure empire space
I will pay xfer fee via CC
This character will receive the ISK

Sale ends Saturday April 6th

I would do 8 as a buyout but no one is gonna pay you mor ethen a bil per mil sp…? Might even do 8.5 actually but not 11…

Thank you for the offer

I’ll take a 9b buyout offer Gary Bell, or any other person that wishes to post for it.

bump up

9b buyout

accepted. please send Xurn the ISK and the account to xfer to.

plese post here when sent.

I will try to keep an eye on the post here for completion of that and I will xfer immediately after i see your response.

bid good for another 6hrs for 24hrs from post.

toon up for sale again after 24hrs from purchase bid.


oof. Ya I couldn’t get back on until now. Sending isk and mail shortly

ok i will check mail now

so please notify me after you have completed your biomass here on forum and also in game mail so I can get the character to you asap.



ok thx checking - xurn

xfer in process

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