90 mil sp pilot w alts lf elitist 0.0 or wh with 0.0 static pvp corp

Looking for a return to the fun days of eve, ie: people who know what they are doing instead of doing everything all at once (terrible movie btw I do not recommend). In other words I am looking for a PvP focused corp that lives in 0.0 or in a wh with a static null. I am a long time BLOPs pilot, cov cyno hunter and well everything involved in WH logistics and/or BLOPs pvp. I am not interested in groups with lots of blues. I do not do pve at all, nor will I.

What I offer:
-5 accounts all above 30 mil sp all pvp focused with a bit of logistics thrown in there current main is around 90 mil sp

  • Maxed out BLOPs pilot (can fly dread, and no dont ask I will not do so, it was the stupidest thing Ive done since returning to the game)
  • 3x cov cyno hunters (dual asb tengus normally)
  • Maxed Booster (with either tank type implant available on different clones)
  • 4x t2 leshak pilots (for bashes normally)
  • 3 x maxed probing alts
  • Jump Freighter
  • t2 hauler
  • 6 years in Black Legion’s amazing corp Wrecking Shots (lots of blops and cap blob warfare there, the first I like the second however I do not)
  • an intense hatred of goon all its buttbuddies and well anyone who relies on numbers and t1 junk vs skill and t2-t3 ships
  • encyclopedic knowledge of all things eve (Been here since 06)
  • 12+ years FC experience, BLOPs, low class wh ops, sov etc…
  • Activity, I want an active corp so i can help find content to murder and have broheims to do so with
  • ability to fly every subcap ship in the game through my various alts
  • I have a c3 null that i own that is unused if corp wants to use it I am down

What I am looking for:
-Not part of a major bloc ie: coalition (I have no interest in massive blues or tons of ratting space)
-Not a industrial/pve focused corp
-BLOPs is my thing if you dont already do it then I am not interested
-Minimal Structure Bashes ie: not into grinding sov though I am all about WH evictions :slight_smile: :heart_eyes:
-Small-medium gang warfare
-Not into ESS raids except to provoke the locals
-Not into tons of external apps and applications, Im here to play the game not do tons of paperwork (obviously im willing to do a ESI check)
-Activity I am looking for a corp with a good KB and a urge to keep it that way
-Not interested in new startups or small corps.
-Subcap fights not big on caps except as targets
-Target Rich Environment preferably within BLOPs range of home system

Feel free to convo me, mail or reply here I am trying to find a long term place to devote myself to the corp, its KB and well the general mayhem that comes with being in an active pvp corp in either a WH or 0.0.

They popped your shiny toy with their cheap junk - too funny.

Nobody gives a damn about your politics, religious beliefs or sexual preferences.

You’ll fit right in with us. Hard Commited.

We’re a new alliance living in Detorid currently and growing to participate in the fight club thats evolving in the south east. We do everything, BLOPsing being the main content generator as of right now

You Are Welcome With us :slightly_smiling_face:
Come Join Us We enjoy The game together :slightly_smiling_face:

Not about losing ships, i just like flying with ships that utilize my skills rather than some horrid t1 doctrine. Their is a reason t2 and t3 take skills, the ships are soo much better and well look cooler. And btw I have lost very few ships in my 16 years playing less than 7-8 bil on all my old toons combined, because I fly good stuff, well, with people who also fly their stuff good because of 1-experience, 2-actually training the toons old-school not injecting.

Im an elitist prick, happy to admit it, and want people who are also elitist pricks to fly with, not some blob f1 mindless lemming gameplay.

Just a PSA… if you want to be recruited into an elite corp you might want to post your ad on a toon that has a better killboard than this one.

If you can prove you can do better than that then I might know some people who would be interested.

Hey man check us out “into the ether” we are the most active us corp in we form blob alliance based out of fade/dek area

Nightly fleet fights, corp roams and game nights

Idk faucets galore

I was in the army but won’t hold is against you :stuck_out_tongue:

Come talk to us sometime

Currently biggest war in eve but usually not many blues and always about fights and blops

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