92 mil SP PvP cap toon (can pilot Leviathan)


Selling myself.

1 full grade slave set ( in jita) and 1 +4 set in nullsec

Starting bid 80 bil isk

b\o 90 bil

bumpy. b\o updated

80b is good price, isk ready. Let me know.





that’s a bit closer to what i would like to get :slight_smile:

i don’t want to wait very long so whoever offers the last \ best price gets the character. Will wait till tomorrow tops.

Bump ! If you’r interested - name your price !

81B, isk ready

make it 83 and we have a go ! :blush:

82bil offer isk ready (I put an offer out on another toon, if that gets accepted then I might have to withdraw this offer).

Please evemail Big Pops in game, I tend to only check these forums like once a day.

evemailed all interested parties. i’ll be online for 2-3 hours. bump ! :slight_smile:

reply sent.

agreed to a price of 82.5 bil with Big Pops. Will be waiting for the isk transfer

Your toon is ugly
I offer 25b

isk and info sent

isk recieved character transfered

Character recieved, cheers