A bit of feedback regarding Trig ships

I’ve seen the bonuses to these things (AWESOME visual update BTW, DONTCHANGEITTTTTTT)…and based on what we’ve encountered in the deadspace so far, it seems weird that they’re not bonused for smartbomb range. Powergrid need makes sense, but…trying to figure out if a 25% boost on the radius of a smart bomb instead of 50% less powergrid would make sense…or even 25% to both PG AND range. I don’t really know either way, and I don’t envy the guy(s) in charge of ship balance…hard job it seems like.

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We really don’t need faction smartbombs with 25km range on titans. This stuff is already bad enough as it is.

how does a 25% range bonus on tri ships make titan smart bombs 25km ? :rofl:

With a hull bonus for smart bombs I’m curious where the Trig smart bombs are?

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