A Bunch of Yahoos Blocking the SpaceX Capsule Recovery

Hava a look

What the actual ■■■■?

Selfies? Photo bomb? Flex? Making memes? Viral video attempt?


Gives me ‘Access Denied’ :frowning:

just no respect and no manners

Hmmm. Well you could just copy the thread title into the search engine of your choice and something should come up.

Or try this:


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That’s lowsec. What do you expect?

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Will spaceX become podders?

After giving it some thought, I’m guessing it was people coming in to rip pieces of one of the parachutes or the capsule itself to sell on eBay.

Those big-ass boats don’t run themselves.

Someone has to pay to fill up the tank. It might as well be SpaceX.

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