Does anyone else feel shame when flying back to a trading hub in a capsule?

I feel like everyone is watching me, laughing at me.

“Haha, look at the loser that got his ship blown up. What a failure!”

Talk about walk of shame

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We are.

I knew it :frowning:

And don’t think it’s any different if you use a shuttle or corvette. :wink:

:smiling_imp: :rocket: :dealwithitparrot:


If you feel that bad, you could just self destruct and respawn at your home base. I often assume people are in capsules because they are moving ships from station to station. If they are suspect or RED, I figure they don’t want the EDENCOM popo to blast on them. Otherwise no, I don’t think anything of anyone piloting any kind of ship… unless they are flying a Catalyst in Uedama.


You are wrong, you lost the ship, ok, but the attacker failed to pod you. Shame on her lol. Beside sometimes it’s necessary to take the pod (but a shuttle is more preferable), if you have no jump clone and need to get somewhere without risking losing stuff.

Don’t be ashamed of your mistakes - just learn from them. Better yet to learn from other people’s mistakes ofc - much cheaper :stuck_out_tongue:

(plz, don’t check up my zkill reports, there is nothing special in there :wink: )


Flying back in a capsule is a mark of honour true shame is those that have never taken any risk for victory.


I would suggest flying back in a hauler, so you can haul back 50 more ships to station in the area you’re fighting. That’ll save you a lot of pod flights later on.


Nope. PVPers regularly lose ships. It doesn’t mean you’re bad, it means you’re active and take risks.


That’s a common sight on goon outings you normally see a trickle of pods come back and legend has it from hornet sabre pilots if you get close enough to goon pods they actually buzz.


It’s a video game.

Flying back to a trade hub is just a natural part of the game.


It is no shame.
I have flown in my capsule many times. For example to go get a skillbook in 0.5. Why would I risk a ship for that?
Or to go to Dodixie buy modules or a ship…

Also, capsules have instant warp, it’s much faster to travel in a capsule, even faster than a shuttle.

Also, now my capsule has a cool SKIN and I have no shame showing it off when I fly around.

The loosers are the ones who judge others.

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Can’t go pick up a shuttle?

Look at fancy pants McGee over here with his shuttle

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Also this thread wasn’t really serious

It is what it is now. No matter what you’ve schemed at the begining :wink:

you fly back?

faster to take the pod express, and thus no warp of shame.

If only you could load fireworks into the pod that would make for a grand entrance.

Capsules align faster and get into warp faster but their warp speed is super slow a shuttle has less travel time in general through systems.

LOL Let pods fit Festival Launchers CCP!!!


Not at all, I pick my own battles and even enjoy losing as long as I learn something.