A capsuleer appeal to the Governments of Jita and Amarr

Gone are the days of being able to undock in Jita or Amarr and have an unobstructed view of the stars and a clear overview.

Today some form of mass hysteria seems to have over taken capsuleers and we are seeing an unprecedented use of deployables to clutter our view.

I request the Governments impose some form of tax on any capsuleer who deploys more than one item as a littering tax.

Lets keep our overviews clean and clear and enjoy the stars.


I think one thing they can do is to make the trade hub stations much larger, and provide many, many exits, which both give capsuleers the grand impression of their economic success, and solve the traffic and light pollution problem you are referring here.


Nice ideas.

Since it’s High Security space, there should be a ‘No Loitering Zone’ placed around all Stations and Gates. The Zone should be on a timer and all players who loiter within that area will be issued a warning to disperse which is then enforced by Concord.

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CCP didn’t make the tradehubs, we did.


OK, since the Empire Stations and Jump Gates aren’t made by players, the Sentry Guns around them can enforce the ‘No Loitering Zone’ and if needed, Concord can provide backup to the Sentry Guns.

Maybe just allow us to shoot the garbage and blow it up without penalty?

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vote for me for empire csm lol

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Good idea, just have them become suspect when the timer for the ‘No Loitering Zone’ expires.


I’d have to say a huge no to that one.

yea pretty huge no this one also

how about this, whoever is being bothered by these so called loitering players yea, how about they remove them?

you’re not really suggesting NPC’s do the work real players should being doing are you?

you can do this already, war dec the owner of said garbage and ta daa! you can now shoot it without penalty :slight_smile:

Can NPC corp characters drop mobiles?

–Curious Gadget


Good point. People who are offended by all the pollution could even self-organize a group, fleet-up, and go around war-deccing and cleaning the place up. Heck if you think about it, all it would require are ultra cheap ships.

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And people talk about Minmatar space… At least we dont have the litter problem the “rich” people do.

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I might suggest an increasing tax to deploy multiple mobiles in HS, but I’m not sure that would curb anyone’s behavior.

Honestly, while I do find the mobile spam annoying, some of the art is funny.

–Sad Gadget cannot find a decent can-spam pic :sob:

Obviously you didn’t bother to read further on in the thread where I stated:

what are you smoking ? lol :wink:

it has one page of replies, i read it alright, doesn’t change the fact that you suggested concord do the work real people should be doing.

using your logic can the people who have active wars call for concord to force undock war targets for loitering on the stations too long?

I obviously changed my view about Concord enforcing it when I said make players who loiter next to station undock and Jump Gates go suspect when the timer runs out.

As for war targets staying in stations, they’re docked in a private lodging, they aren’t loitering around in a public place with the sole intention of committing a crime.

But Demichael, intention does not get you set suspect and never should. no crime was commited yet so no punishment.

you said concord could back up the sentry guns, that’s still concord shooting suspects and being drawn away from dealing with those who have commited crimes.

you do get this guy is role playing yea?

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