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I’m not really sure who is in charge here, or in a position to consider constructive solutions (or where such suggestions should be sent), but I have certainly observed a problem and have thought of a partial solution. It is obvious certain individuals are flagging posts, not because the posts are offensive, but merely because they disagree. I am aware of at least one individual who uses multiple alts to repeatedly flag posts until they disappear. This is a form of abuse, and while flagging offensive posts is desirable, it is problematic if too many posts are flagged for spurious reasons, especially since it is no longer possible to see flagged posts (which has derailed quite a few conversations).

I suggest anyone who flags a post should be presented with a textbox, and be required to state a reason. This would better inform the poster what the concern is, and it would also inform the moderators. Furthermore, it would more obvious when an individual is flagging non-offensive posts, as they would struggle to articulate a meaningful reason. I think this change would greatly improve the quality of discourse.


i almost always use the freeform flag post reason and have always been quite pleased with ISD’s response time and results. i doubt this thread will be more productive than a support ticket linking to the exact posts in question (but you shouldn’t post said moderation here)

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Yes, I’m suggesting the ‘freeform flag’ should be mandatory. People should be required to state an actual reason, and/or quote what specifically they find offensive. You are right that ISD are responsive, but the problem is not a lack of ISD responsivity, but rather a group of people who are exploiting the system to harass other users. This has been a problem for years, as indicated by several ISD, and I’m merely suggesting a way to address this. I have no idea if support tickets are the appropriate place for suggestions, as the support ticket staff would tell me to post on the forums.

There is clearly an issue with spurious flags, and this would be reduced by requiring an explanation, and (when reports are valid) an explanation is reasonable if you want someone to understand what is offensive. There should actually be two boxes, one directed to the poster (so they can understand what another user deemed offensive), and another for any additional private statement to the ISD.


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Hey there,

We can see who flagged what, when and how many times. We have policy in place for mass flagging. Flags also carry a variable weight. That means if a person flags erroneously too many times and those flags are denied by Staff, those flags carry less power then someone who flags properly.

Additionally, any post that is hidden by flags and those flags denied is unhidden and placed back in there respective spot.

Hope this answers your concerns.


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