A few small thoughts on how to make living outside of high-sec systems more viable

Hmm. Fair enough. However, I heard bombers are preferred to use on mining fleets or in sieges, but who knows. EVE players had more than enough time to think of the most sophisticated tactics to use against victims.

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A solo player is not supposed to be able to live profitably anywhere but HS. Not to say that solo players don’t manage it but it’s usually not doing PvE.

Furthermore, Eve professions were always intended to be a means to an end (the end being some form of PvP) but it seems many players lately are under the impression that those means are the game. They are not. The game IS the gate camps, the gankers, the PvP.

That being said. All of your ideas would be terrible for the game for the simple fact that this is a PvP game and you’re removing PvP content. This mind-set of “But this is a sandbox and PvE is MY end-game so I should be able to do it with little to no PvP interferance” is actually toxic entitlement. PvP has to happen for your trade to have any value.

If your ship isn’t at risk, nobody elses is either. If less people are losing ships then your profession becomes worth less because nobody needs to buy anything. A player ran market doesn’t function without destruction to drive the demand.


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