A gametime donation contract, please

Greetings, fellow players!

I’d need a way for donating gametime via contracts, in return for ISK. I don’t care about scamming, so if CCP would make them fool proof enough, that’s fine by me.

We can donate gametime directly to characters, which is cool. What we can’t do, is selling gametime directly using contracts. Think of it like christmas presents.

I buy PLEX for fiat, and instead of giving them away for isk to avoid that people don’t use them for gametime, i want to sell the 30 days directly, but for a reduced price compared to the market. Like a present. It would help avoiding all those who would just resell them for a higher price, which wouldn’t really be in my spirit, or in the spirit of christmas.



Use a 3rd party broker who is trusted.
Their reputation is on the line, they hold the isk, you have x days to get the game time to the player.


This creates a dependency on someone else, plus it costs additional money. Please consider more angles before you respond.

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Not sure why you call me an ass for dismissing your u helpful suggestion. Unlike you, i consider it from several angles. Using a 3rd party creates work for two people and makes it necessary to be online. Please consider more angles before you respond. Thank you. :slight_smile:


Looks nice and useless.

Should be nice Christmas gift!



Why? Who cares what people use it for, why is this something you want to do?

Unless this was made a “one-time” sale, you’re merely creating a contractible commodity that will be used as a “500 Plex Note”

Either way I like the idea.

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The tools to do this already exist.

Takes 2 steps to complete, too.

1: Remove 500 PLEX from you PLEX wallet.
2: Contract 500 PLEX to other person.

Why don’t you want to do it in the already established manner?

reading properly is hard, apparently … i am not going to tell you which sentence in the initial post covers your question. :blush: good luck and thanks for the bump. :slight_smile:


Just seems totally unnecessary, really.

thank you for the bump. :slight_smile: maybe, eventually, when you stop being a bitter person, you might eventually understand. Looks like you’re only getting carbon this year. :slight_smile:

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So you probably sell PLEX at reduced rates, and are now asking for CCP to stop people from profiting off of your bad prices.

Seems rather counter to the whole free market idea.

Interesting conclusion. If that’s what you want to think, then feel free to think so. :slight_smile:
Thanks for the bump. :slight_smile:

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The whole idea reminds me the Time movie.

If you’re giving a gift to someone, that could be used as game time or turned into isk. Why would you care? You don’t want them to have a say in it? Then just go to your plex wallet and choose their character to turn into Omega.


Requesting thread close, as it already exists in game.

It’s interesting to see how hard some people seem to be having it, understanding this. I care. I want to donate gametime, not PLEX, and i don’t want people to abuse my willingness to donate gametime. You people must really hate when others want to give something. :slight_smile:

Scrooges everywhere! :grin:


We’ve told you how to donate game time to a player. It’s already in the game.

Go to the plex vault put 500 plex in it and plex their character name. Send an email saying merry christmas, happy birthday etc. I’ve given you a nice little gift of 30 days omega time etc etc.

Having an actual item in the game that would be “Game time” would absolutely destroy the plex economy.

It does not matter when you give a person game time, if they are already subscribed or plexed, it goes on to the end of their subscription time remaining.

Your opinion is noted, but doesn’t matter. Plus there is no need for such an item. i understand your need for finding arguments, but they’re not helping your case at all. :slight_smile:

Damn, you hate it when people want to give stuff and not want it abused. Okay, noted as well. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the bumps. :slight_smile:

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I’m not sure how someone can abuse you giving them 30 days of omega time…

You misunderstand. I want to give gametime for cheaper than market price, and i want a contract that allows me to sell it directly for isk. If i did just sell plex cheaper, people would buy them and resell them, which is not what i want to happen. That’s the abuse. Having the contract donate gametime directly does not need a new item and prevents this abuse of my willingness to give gametime cheaper than the current market price.

This would lock out people who want to just make isk, and instead helps those who can’t afford the current market price of a sub. In other words is it a way for poorer people to save isk while preventing the rich to get richer.

An isk rich person will already be subbed enough. It’s relatively useless for them, but for the poorer it’s awesome.

Wait… is this… altruism? Wow, disgusting! :wink:

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