A guide for Crimson Harvest 2018

I’m not sure if it will get a lot of views over in the Event section, so I thought I’d link it from here:

Everything I could think of that you’ll want or need to know about Crimson Harvest 2018.



Skip it. Not worth time

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Everything is fine.
Only return our Tarot cards that have been stolen by representatives of the Covenant. :rage:

Hello, skip the notes or skip Crimson?

Being the author of the guide, I was wondering the same thing. The way I read it, they are saying skip the event. Some players seem to be saying that, but in my experience, it’s players who either a) only tried it before loot came back to a reasonable level, or b) Got melted because they didn’t realize how tough the waves would be.

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I just came back to the game and I find the rats to be way too much to deal with so I guess I will be skipping this event. :disappointed: ah well.

The event. I don’t know why they decided to make it so crappy. Its best to just roll through all your characters and get the 1st reward of off the event thingy for the points which an accelerator. Pass that its just completely not worth doing.

Or players that seriously tried it, even tried to use some of the BPs but that fkn mining. Its just complete and utter bull ■■■■ and not worth the time.

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