A Guide to the Exploration Ecosystem

In my blog, The Raggedy Edge of Eve, I have written a Guide to the Exploration Ecosystem. There are many guides which describe the basic mechanics of exploration in Eve Online, but fewer describe the options of where to explore and what ships to fly as either a pure explorer or as a hunter.

My goal with the guide is to provide some information for new players regarding:
-What to expect when exploring in each area of space: Highsec, Lowsec, Nullsec, and Wormholes.
-Pros and Cons with regards to the major exploration focused ships in the game.
-Tradeoffs and counter strategies involved with hunting explorers and escaping hunters.
-A perspective that exploration provides new players with well balanced, lucrative, and engaging gameplay.


Great timing. I just decided to try something new - exploration - and wake up to find your post. about your guide Will read it. Thank you.

EDIT: great read.

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Thanks, good guide

Later when you want to get your stuff out, you can tell the structure to eject the entire contents of the hanger and it will put it into a can in space.

Is this still valid? If so, how do you tell it to eject?

For personal assets, by right clicking on the structure in space or in the Personal Assets window (Alt – T) and selecting “Move to Asset Safety”. You cannot be docked at the selected structure to perform this action.

manually activating “asset safety” for certain items or un-renting a corporation office within a wormhole Upwell Structure will also cause the items to be ejected into space beside the structure.

Glad you enjoyed the guide.

I double checked and you are correct about the asset safety feature in kspace not allowing you to eject a can. Thanks for catching my mistake, I’ll update the guide. Admittedly I do most of my exploring in wormholes these days, and I’ve used the drop off and can grab trick several times but I guess I never tried it with a kspace structure.

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NP I thought i had to wait until the structure was destroyed so it was great to learn about manual asset safety from alt-T window

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