A hint of things to come?

So now we’ve got an event with smugglers that come from the Caldari and Minmatar/Thukker races. And they’re looting out crates that are potentially going to be openable some time in the future, maybe, possibly.

There’s already a new shuttle added with this event. Am I sensing the long-prophesied Cal/Min pirate group about to be revealed?

That’s definitely something I’d love. Along with making most boosters illegal in highsec again, allowing actual smuggling to be implemented into the game once more. Give us some ships built for moving cargo through customs areas and gatecamps, and give us something to move. It is time, CCP.

In my best emperor Palpatine voice: Do it.

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I’ve only recently returned after a couple of years and all I can say about item illegality is - good riddance.

That mechanic was in the game in the beginning, since pretty much nothing else existed in the gameplay. But after a couple of expansions it just became an annoyance for the vast majority of players.

On the other side, boosters were rarely used back then because barely anyone wanted to deal with their illegality. It wasn’t about the risk - it was about that whole feature being annoying and pointless to everyone except a few who saw smuggling as an interesting activity. Boosters are now an integral part of the gameplay and provide income for players who extract materials necessary for their production.

The crates will not be openable. Their description is clear - hand them over to select NPC stations for 1M ISK each. I’m sorry to remove the mystery, but they are just like Sleeper blue loot or Triglavian red loot.

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Tough love lol


Meh, they could switch to dropping different crates after the empires have decoded them. Ones with new materials or blueprints.

And I was indeed around when drugs were illegal in highsec. People didn’t use them for a number of reasons, price, availability and supporting skills being among them. But gas is everywhere now, making them can be done much more easily, and the neurotoxin skill books have gone from hundreds of millions of isk, to about 30-50 million isk. Which drives more and more people to use them.

The profit will still be there. Hell, it’ll probably go up so I see no reason not to make a change back to illegality, at least for some, maybe even most.

Questioning your comment "most boosters illegal in highsec". What would that do to the new daily login boosters?

/Also Emperor Palpatine voice is kind of weak when he says Do It!

the only person allowed to say do it on my watch is shia labeouf

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@tutucox_Khamsi That dude has issues.

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Nah, I’m thinking the ones that we can make, mostly. I dont think that synth boosters were illegal, so probably not those.

I mean, thematically it would be rather strange if the agency boosters were banned, since they’re given to us in-univerae by the empires.

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Looting out?

You mean dropping?

I mean what I said. I’m sure you’re versed enough in the internet to decipher the arcane meaning behind my words.

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