A History of EVE Database Server Hardware

Never underestimate an engineers ability to overcomplicate the simplest thing.

When somebody mentions “design pattern” you know it’s going to get complicated.

Peak is around 15,000 while our average is around 8k.

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I do.

And as a player for the last 10 years or so Bud, I truly feel let down of late.

I feel that posts like this are simply NOT attracting new players… Yeah, sure it’s good for CCP but hell, those times are gone…

New players wouldn’t know a thing about “how it used to work”… And why would they ???

I’ll say again - to CCP - Before you post stuff like this guys - SPEAK to your CSM…

The CSM don’t have to give any seal of approval on what CCP post about their tech.

It’s great that the Ops team is buzzed enough to write about their work.


Yep. And there’s a bunch of people who are interested in this kind of post.

(and who understand that this kind of thing is where you have specialists working. And require those specialists. They’re generally not the kind of people you’d have, say, working on game design stuff.)


With Respect, I’d Disagree…

Ask your newest member what He/She cares about the last 10 years of the backend Dev work.

Those that care are the longer term players that HAVE to explain how to play, how to survive, how to make ISK etc…

How to enable Dark backround ?

Back-end stuff should be just that - Back end - NOT on the players to keep repeating it.

With all due respect, not everything is about new players.

Sure, they’re important. But not everything has to be for them.

A bunch of us like seeing some posts about the tech. And it’s not stopping anything being done for new players.

(Aside from that, updates about the tech help let people know that investment is still happening.)


I totally disagree on that.

The bulk of posts that CCP make in devblogs and news posts are from the game designers and game developers (and as a player community, we will also always be involved in educating new players on top of that).

Occasionally however, the engine and graphics teams post about updates in the game engine and rendering pipeline, the data scientists post about how CCP collect and use data from the game, the Ops team post about the physical infrastructure, etc.

The whole lot of it is interesting. It’s also great to see an Ops team willing to post the detail they do every now and then. Ops teams often don’t receive the recognition they deserve for keeping the lights on. These types of articles are great for that.


I just wish, and hope that when I login the game remembers that I had chat set as Dark…

All I am asking is that these settings are done Server side…

The upgrades are AWESOME.

Sure, it’s great to see new hardware but can we get the basics in place please ?


Rare we agree and rare for me to post on this toon, but for once Bud - I’m liking your comments.


Good job pushing 20th century tech to the limit, now feel free to come and join 21th century tech.

EVE is the perfect game for horizontal scaling technologies.

I BELIEVE IN YOU CCP! I just don’t believe with my money… :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


Ooh so thats what behind my happiness playing eve back then, thank you, still trying to get back.

PostgreSQL is really not even competitive, let alone arguably better. Postgresql still has major deficiencies in availability features, has numerous bugs that may lead to data corruption under bursty loads (as eve generates) and extremely poor query tuning tools and query optimization. It may have come a long way even only in the last 5-7 years, but it didn’t take much for it to go a lot of way for just how horrible it used to be.

don’t know why you would expect a client side setting that is specific to the computer you are running on to be stored on a server that isn’t going to know what device you are logging on to.

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Perhaps it should be stored with your account on the server then, since Quasar is offloading the core database, that should make it easier no?

Also move market quickbar settings to the server too.

Would be curious to see an update on what your database infrastructure looks like now. I believe in the last one of these from 2015 you had availability groups with failover cluster instance members. Given the query optimization issues the new cardinality estimator introduced, I assume you were probably running that on SQL 2012 or early release 2016. Are you on 2017 or 2019 now?

Would really love to know what traceflags, max dop and other server and db configs you worked through implementing but I assume these may not be public. I know Brent Ozar visited with you guys when he was in Reykjavik, was hoping he would do a video to nerd out to your infrastructure but alas it never came.

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And when you log in on a computer with a different aspect ratio or resolution that layout won’t fit on?

stuff like the market bar that is dependent on the device its running on for sure could go in there

You can store the computer hash with the settings group, the launcher already has a hash passed into Eve, next time you launch Eve check the command line parameters, it has a hash along with your SSO keys. Look for /machinehash= on the exefile.exe process.

You forgot one very important thing.
Server Operating System.

From screenshots i believe it’s Windows Server 2019 - Datacenter Edition ?
Or is it Standard Edition ?


Won’t matter in the future as it will just be Azure edition going forward, Linux and Bsd will dominate non cloud service hosted servers. Microsoft has already signalled they won’t care what you run as long as its on their cloud.