A jet airplane stuck on loop on audio

Not to mention the fact that I have not had atmosphere or turret sounds since May 26th, I now have this incredibly annoying jet airplane effect stuck on loop on sound. This used to happen only when I was doing PI, but now I get this plane when I undock, when I am mining in an asteroid belt…

What the hell are you doing CCP? This is reaching intolerable levels. I had to relog to get rid of the airplane sound. Who ever thought that sound was a good idea to put in there should get out of sound design. It’s annoying, plain and simple. I don’t want to hear it when I’m doing my planets even. And how long can it take to get the sound effects back please? I’ve been running a mute client for over a week now and it’s not okay to have it like this.

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I am confident that most players have the sound off. Welcome to the majority M. Night (Shyamalan?).

Have you cleared the cache? ESC > Reset Settings > Clear Cache

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