A Leave of Absence and Journey to the Unexplored

Due to some unfortunate events I will be unable to complete my book tour and speaking events at various academic institutions.

I have therefore elected to go to Frarie VI and visit the Rohaanar Colony and spend some time understanding, living and documenting the Rohaani way of life.

I leave the security of the ILF in the hands of the ever watchful Suresha Bataav and know that his level headed and astute observations will keep our people safe.

I do not go entirely alone into this venture and take with me some pilgrims, personnel and various medical aids and herbal remedies (I understand the colony does not approve of some the clusters more current administrations).

I wish all my comrades a safe harbour and good health.


Take your time to relax, reflect, and learn. We look forward to hearing about your insights upon your return.


Update, I have returned.

Please see my broadcast in relation to this.

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