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Hello Pilots,

Some may be familiar with me, some of you may not. I have been on hiatus for the past year, attempting to reconnect with what it was that made me want to spread my wings and fly in the first place.

I believe I’ve found it, and would like to announce my return to active flying. Some of you may know me as a member of the Federal Defence Union and a patriot. The latter has not changed, however I am leaving the Union behind to study the Drifters and the Triglavians and perhaps mitigate their impact on our way of life.

If there are any active organisations out there with similar objectives, I would like to have a conversation.

Fly free, pilots.


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Greetings and welcome back.

The Arataka Research Consortium is New Eden’s leading Capsuleer organization when it comes to Drifter and Triglavian research. So they may be what you are looking for.

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Astera! Welcome back!

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Hey! We should meet up for a drink sometime, I’ve been away a while. Could do with catching up.


Welcome back to space, pilot.

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I’d like that a lot :slight_smile:

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