A letter of thanks from CalMil to Quantum Cats Syndicate/Villore Accords

On behalf of Caldari State I would like to express a gratitude to pilots of Quantum Cats Syndicate (QCATS) of Villore Accords (GMVA) for supplying us with free pre-fit ships.

As soon as the ship was tackled, the pilot simply left it and warped away in his pod, leaving the whole ship with (proper t2) fitting intact for taking and supplying the war effort against gallente occupants.

I guess such generosity when pilots instead of fighting simply give up their ships, deserves special appreciation.

Thank you! Your ship will be used for good deeds in the best interests of Caldari State!

With gratitude,
– D. Kim, Strike Cmdr.


I suspect that the pilot felt bad for the State and it’s pilots and decided to give them some support. They’re going to require all the help and supplies that they can muster over the coming weeks.

With Sincerity,
– R. Plaude, Industrial Supplies

We feel bad that we keep nuking your 100 alts

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