A little Eve-Style Holiday Cheer

I wrote this back in '14 for CODE. I wanted to post it again for old-times sake and hope some of you get a kick out of it. It mentions some of the original CODE members…good guys. Lots of fun. It’s only meant to poke fun so don’t take it too seriously AG :wink:

Twas the night before christmas, and all throughout Eve,
a miner was harvesting, with a sense of reprieve.
He harvested his minerals and mined without care,
not knowing Code agents soon would be there.
with a quick glance at local, the system seemed dead,
“but high sec is safe” still stuck in his head.
With He in his retriever, and Code on their way,
He settled into mining and was soon afk.
Over his speakers arose such a clatter,
He raced back to his screen to see what was the matter.
Back to his keyboard he flew with a flash,
as a bumper sped toward him and hit with a crash.
He knew he was in trouble, with nowhere to go,
as a group of catalysts aproached from below.
He tried to align to make his espcape,
but there was no running from his grave mistake.
The catalysts aproached him so stealthy and slick,
He knew that his end soon would come quick.
When out of nowhere old James 315 came,
He wistled and shouted and called agents by name.
“Now Loyal, now Lament, now DJ and John E,”
“on Borgia, on Sasha, on Wolf and AC.”
“Put an end to this violator and answer the call,”
“Now fire away, fire away, fire away all!”
As dry leaves before the hurricane fly,
Antimatter bursts soon lit up the sky.
around the miner the Code agents flew,
Unloading thier blasters…James 315 too.
It didn’t take long for the miner drop,
as he blew with a flash and a whimpering pop.
What’s left of his retriever was nothing but dust,
as he voiced his opinions of hate and disgust.
He responded with obscenities and insults abound,
as they explained in his bio a permit was not found.
He cried out in local with defiance and tears,
as the agents responded with laughter and cheers.
The poor miner’s mood was not at all merry,
as the agents explained, a permit he must carry.
He cried, he yelled, he responded with threats,
But the agents just shrugged, there were no regrets.
They offered him a permit but were met with his jeers,
as their offers for a solution only fell on deaf ears.
He refused the Code agents, still stuck in denial,
he made more excuses and threats with such guile.
With the miner still yelling and being so vocal,
Old James said with a smile “please stay clean in local.”
He explained he could mine, with no sense of dread,
if he’d just get the concept of Code in his head.
The rants went on, condemning Codes work,
He called James a bully, a noob, and a jerk.
Old James cracked a smile, agents at his side,
“by the rules of the Code you’ll learn to abide.”
forsake your botting and aspirant behavior,
and recognize James as your one high-sec savior.
James said with a grin as they flew out of sight,
The Code always wins, now have a good night.



I love it, very well written :slight_smile:

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