My idea how to salve our hurt feelings over unpopular changes and spread holiday cheer

By unpopular changes I mean basically everything since 2009.

The first major problem with EVE is any single thing you want to do, by the time you get set up to do it, your either bored, or it’s past bedtime.

The second problem is, you don’t change stuff. If I come back after 5-10 yrs my damned ship parked in a damn garage should still do the exact same thing it did when I ragequit.

From a dev standpoint magically changing our assets isn’t just lazy, it’s morally wrong. You don’t touch OUR STUFF, if you don’t like what something can do, you ADD something to counter it.

So I got an initial compromise to salve the playerbase’s hurt feelings that won’t be as much work as creating content instead of defacing and vandalizing existing content.

What would give me good xmas cheer is if CCP first, set up livestream of CCP HQ. The busiest part besides the break room, that is. Or maybe the break room. Then, install fire-engine claxons in said space, and wire it to where they go off, every single time a player on Jita 4/4 spams the ‘dock’ button after sexy computer voice has already said 'Docking request accepted."

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Just accept that ■■■■ happens and that the gods that be are out of control and will do whatever they fcking want, seemingly without reason nor rhyme.

Accept it, adjust to it and appreciate the opportunities it presents. Or as I put it in another thread: I trust CCP to be chaotic neutral.


You better not pout Im telling you why

Santa Claus is exiting warp in your system.

He watches you when you are unconcious.

He is aware of your state of wakefulness.

He is sensitive to your moral decay.

So be positive and morally just or be destroyed.

You better not talk.

You better not move.

You better not whine.

Ill let you know the reason.

Santa Claus is hotdropping in.


I was thinking that a livestream of CCP headquarters might actually be great. Sometimes I forget that they are actually working on this game.

Fifty years ago, people threw pig turds at each other for entertainment, and were content with their lives.

Today, we have a massive virtual reality world whose code looks like a neural network, and people are unhappy and complaining that an amount of money that can barely buy a cup of coffee and a bagel isn’t getting them video game perfection.

You know what I think we need? A nice war. Like the kind where a few hundred million people would die. Would certainly set things in perspective for the Karens.

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You certainly would be set right in such a war, super-karen as you are.

Nothing but meaningless, false and insulting drivel that comes from you would work wonders in such a war.

And your skillfulness at relativizing things and putting everything into the wrong perspective will make this warp a delightful entertainment.


No, sweetums, I live in a major population center, I would be one of the lucky ones.

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It’s not your ‘stuff’

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Imagine arranging the entire HS community to go on a crusade in null XD

If you absolutely require stability, the rational choice would be to play games that don’t get updated or where you can opt out of updates, like single-player games. I’ve been playing MMOs since I was born, and adapting to patch changes has been a way of life. I don’t think I’ve ever gotten angry at something like a ship having its stats changed. Even if I perceive a change to be negative, I realize that it affects everyone and not only me, so the playing field is still even. When you maintain that sort of perspective, it’s much easier to deal with change.

Don’t be like one of those people on the WoW forums who threaten to commit suicide after their favorite trinket gets nerfed.



Everything in-game is owned by PA/CCP and thus is subject to be changed without your approval.

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You must have truly flipped a lid when you found out that you can fly space ships and travel faster than light.

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