Better idea for Christmas gimmicks

Stop passing out dumb crap and just make the planets go through seasons with snow covered north or something.

That’s 100000x better idea than any garbage ccp put out lately

Who pissed in your wheaties?

Please, Alistair, count to 10 before hitting post when starting a thread based on some random passing thought. I bet we’d see eighty percent less threads from you if you did this. It gives you an opportunity to realize how dumb what you are about to do is.


This, times 100.

Well, truthfully, at least this thread didn’t have anything to do with Orcas, so there is that :wink:

Yet… maybe he is more sneaky this time and was about to bring up the subject later on. :stuck_out_tongue:

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My Christmas idea:

On Christmas Eve, have a Santa NPC spawn in a unique Sleigh ship. Santa will travel a route that takes him all over New Eden, and whoever kills him gets a unique 1-run BPC of his ship, which is a cruiser with a disgustingly large cargo capacity, we’re talking freighter levels here.

Attacking Santa will cause his reindeers to warp-in, in Carriers, and unless you have a lot of firepower, you’re going to get ho-ho-howned.

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