CCPlease Christmas edition

Although this section is in the toilet, a place for people self entitled that think just because they play for 10y+ every brain fart / desire / rant they have must be expressed, I come here to reinforce my previous old desire to have the following themes added to EVE.

  • Purple AWESOME;
  • Orange LEGEND;
  • Pink WILD;

Make it happen CCP, this plasma theme is already getting old, I’m using transparent for now.

Side note: Stop posting mfers, get a life.

I bet you’re fun at parties.

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You go to parties? Do you love disease or something?

:rofl: ain’t that the truth.
Gix is one exemple of excessive brainfarting in the forum. I wonder if he has a brain left or if he never had one to begin with.

No, it’s just a stock phrase for when we can actually have parties again. One day it might happen, but this year? Likely not.

Hope not.

Still, after this year there should be a few thousand less party goers for the year after

So what is this? Like clothing colors in the NES?

:thinking: Been to many parties, last year and this. What’s the problem, worried about a cold, oppressive govt, in-laws?

Id like the color sliders back where we could make eve any colors we wanted. Now its Ford, it can be any color as long as its black.

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