A little thing for the Noctis

The Problem

Well, I’ll save you the writeup and take for granted that any Noctis can be replaced by an MTU and a salvage-fit destroyer for 1/5th of the cost.

The Possible Solution

I’d not alter the ship itself too much, it is good in its current state in regards of tank and pricing.
It does, however, lack Scan Resolution to quickly lock on wrecks and process them.

Therefore it makes sense to increase the Scan Resolution to a value of 200mm, which is enough for the ship to be on-par with the locking speed of a generic destroyer.


If you look at the way the barges are designed, they can fit equipment which is way better than the equipment you can fit to standard issue vessels, but this is not the case with salvage- and tractoring modules.

Following this thought, the introduction of a hull-specific module is a logical consequence.

The Hook!

It combines the functionality of a tractor beam and a salvager whilst having an increased Activation Cost in conjunction with raised powergrid- and CPU requirements.

When activating the module on a wreck, the following should happen:

  • wreck is tractored towards the activating ship and simultaneously attempted to be salvaged
  • if the wreck was successfully salvaged and contained loot, the respective items are jettisoned
  • the newly created can is directly locked by the module (in other words: the module is activated on the newly created can without being locked by the ship) and tractored towards the ship
  • once the can is within 2 500m of the ship, it is automatically looted if the ship has sufficient space in its cargo

To make sure that it is not overpowered, the hook’s accessibility modifier is range-depending, using an optimal- and falloff range.

The Hook is supposed to behave as follows:

  • Within Optimal + Falloff Range:
    • The targeted wreck is attempted to be salvaged
    • The wreck is being tractored towards the ship
    • If the wreck is close enough to the ship, it is automatically looted in case the ship’s cargo allows for this
  • Outside of Optimal- + Falloff Range:
    • The targeted wreck will not be attempted to salvage and not be tractored towards the ship. A respective HUD warning will be displayed:

      Cannot activate {Hook}: The targeted wreck needs to be within {Optimal + Falloff} m


Attribute T1 T2
Access Difficulty Bonus 5% 7%
Tractor Velocity 500m/s 600m/s
Cycle time 10 seconds
Optimal 5km 6km
Falloff 15km 18km
Activation Cost 25 GJ
Limited to Ship Noctis


  • CPU: 34TF || 40TF
  • PG: 20MW || 24MW

  • Rigging: Affected by salvage tackles


  • T1
    Skill Level
    Science III
    Salvaging I
  • T2
    Skill Level
    Science V
    Salvaging V

The Noctis

Additionally to the currently present traits of the ship, the following changes would be needed:

  • Attributes:

    • Scan Resolution: 250mm

  • Role bonus:

    • Can fit Hook salvage-modules

  • ORE Industrial (per skill level)

    • 2% bonus to Hook Access Difficulty Bonus
    • 60% bonus to Hook optimal- and falloff range
    • 71% bonus to Hook tractor speed
    • 10% reduction in Hook duration
    • 3% reduction of Hook activation Cost

Example fitting:

[Noctis, Hooks with max Scna Res skill]
Expanded Cargohold II
Expanded Cargohold II
Expanded Cargohold II

50MN Y-T8 Compact Microwarpdrive
Sensor Booster II

Hook I / II
Hook I / II
Hook I / II
Hook I / II
Hook I / II
Hook I / II
Hook I / II
Hook I / II

Medium Salvage Tackle II
Medium Salvage Tackle II
Medium Salvage Tackle II

Scan Resolution Script x1


  • Ship
    Attribute Value
    PG 296MW
    CPU 331TF
    Scan Resolution 400mm

  • Hook I:

    Attribute I II III IV V
    Access Difficulty Bonus 7% 9% 11% 13% 15%
    Activation Cost 24,25GJ 23,5GJ 22,75GJ 22,0GJ 21,25GJ
    Optimal Range 8km 11km 14km 17km 20km
    Falloff Range 24km 33km 42km 51km 60km
    Tractor Velocity 855m/s 1210m/s 1565m/s 1920m/s 2275m/s
  • Hook II:

    Attribute I II III IV V
    Access Difficulty Bonus 9% 11% 13% 15% 17%
    Activation Cost 24,25GJ 23,5GJ 22,75GJ 22,0GJ 21,25GJ
    Optimal Range 9,6km 13,2km 16,8km 20,4km 24km
    Falloff Range 28,8km 39,6km 50,4km 61,2km 72km
    Tractor Velocity 1026m/s 1452m/s 1878m/s 2304m/s 2730m/s


With the above mentioned changes in mind, I think that the noctis could potentially live up to its supposed role due to the fact that no other ship is as easily to handle for salvaging (it’s lock and activate module, then repeat when done) and neither could any other subcapital tractor “cargo” as fast as the noctis could!

Thanks for reading!



Noctis predates MTU and should be rebalanced to provide a meaningful choice. I don’t think we need a new module.

Increasing the tractor range/velocity bonus to 100%/level instead of the current 60% would make it far superior to the MTU for gathering wrecks. A 2% or 3% / level access difficulty bonus for the salvager would make it far superior to a destroyer for salvaging.

Last but not least - if CCP can find room for a 50K m3 ore hold in the Porpoise - which is the same platform - we should be able to do a bit better than 1.5K m3 for the Noctis! I don’t see this as a serious limitation but a larger hold - say 3K m3 would increase the flexibility of the ship and I don’t see a downside.

A bit more agility wouldn’t wreck balance too much with that boost to the scan resolution.
It’s too much of a fat brick easily popped, while a destroyer is really cheaper.

not really. The real increase is max target allowed and salvage speed. As soon as you are around 50% chance to salvage, you need less than 2 cycles average to salvage, thus you need to target things faster than your salvager cycles (ctrl drag does not always work :confused: ) otherwise you are just losing time. a gain of 5pctpt would be completely irrelevant.

Different tack, if the MTU is a viable option to replace a ship then it should be nerfed.

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