A little Vision for LowSec

Over the day i had an idea wich grew and grew in my head and i’d like to share this with you guys.
It is about LowSec - surprise ^^
And, to say this right at the beginning, i never lived in LowSec!

Phase 1: Arenas
I don’t think i have to go into to much details about this at it’s around for a while as a way to get content to LowSec. Arenas, Sites in LowSec, where players can PvP in regulated, (more or less) fair ways.

Phase 2: Market & Industrial (Mini-)Hubs
LowSec, the living of pirates, harsh and with their own special honor, sometimes. An area also, where those, who don’t care with whom they are working with, or what they do - they only care for their profit. Greedy, calculating sharks. LowSec could/should be the place for those who seek the maximum profit.
In a big financial regrouping, HighSec gets it’s tax rates and fees increased again (just 1-2%, and esp. citadels get min tax rates and fees), while NullSec gets this love, to. In NullSec all industrial tax has a minimum of 10% and every market hub has a min tax of 2%. This leaves LowSec as the only possible place where you can find tax rates and fees of 0% or at least close to this.

Phase 3: This is my home!
In a complete new way, a LowSec system can be controlled (on alliance level) and get your home.
When you control a system within LowSec, you will be able to fuel any service within a citadel and active it. If you don’t have control within a LowSec system, you cannot activate any service modul within any citadel within the system and in tho leaving it in Low Power Mode.
The system control is achieved by winning a series of arena matches. There are 3 arena matches and in classic way, the one who wins 2 of 3 matches, wins the competition and gets the control over the system. Matches should be in LowSec style, so something like 1 vs 1, 3 vs 3 and 10 vs 10 with regulations to ship class size.
The contest over a system is started by the attacker. A special new site spawns, the 1st arena match site. The type of the site (Nr of players, ship regulations) is defined by the defender. The site is alive for 4 hours. Within this 4 hours the defender has to get a defender team up for this match, otherwise he will lose the 1st match (of 3).
The 2nd fight will be 24h after the first fight, the 3ed fight at a time choosen by the defender within a 7 days window (or soe, in general same way as citadel defence after Update 2.0).
Finally, it is possible to “hire” NPC pirates. This shouldn’t cost to much ISK for an alliance, something in the area of 100 - 1000 Mrd ISK. With this, you can hire an NPC pirate fraction (like Gueristas) to fight together with you for a specific time (e.g. 1 week). At the highest paymet level, there will be spawing a FOB within the system and the NPCs will attack a specific alliance constantly. They are more advanced then the normal FOBs - maybe they know of reinforcement timers, maybe they know new tactics like gate camping, who knows. But they can be an interesting 3ed party within the fight for control over a system. When the FOB gets destroyed, it respawns within the system after 24h.

Final Vision:
The big trade hubs in HighSec and NullSec most likely won’t be effected that much. But in LowSec it is possible to enforce and build up a system for the alliance. There is a place for market hubs. For a grid of structures for trade and build, refineries to mine the moons. Jump Freighter pilots can use it as a even saver intermediate stop for fueling. Special Thukker Rigs grant you yields and profits not possible anywhere else in New Eden.
And when this system gets contested, the arena fights will be streamed on various platforms, New Eden is talking just about those fights and the capsulers fighting over it, creating new legends within New Eden.

So how is the “fairness” of these Arenas regulated/enforced?

Oh boy I know exactly where this post is going to go, you just opened a can of wacky o lee, fairness is not a concept many eve players will support or understand, their brains are hardwired to El Pollo Loco.

I mean the idea was doomed from the start because it is hilariously antithetical to the way EVE is designed and what the developers presumably have in mind for how EVE should be played (which seems increasingly subject to change lately…).

At this point I’m just curious as to how OP would imagine various aspects of this “vision” would be implemented.

Isnt that all of New Eden anyway?

On a serious note, and this goes for pretty much any idea to allow small groups to control space, if its easier than null and theres profits to be had that are worthwhile, why wouldnt larger more organised groups seize it first?

Arena’s? No. Go away.

The arena idea is better suited for HS.

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