A Maze in the dark

The beginning would be set up as a line of towers in space past that line you would use D scan to see mines that are cloaked, detect a pathway using D scan to get past the area if you get too close the mine appears and explodes.

I was thinking of this as a countermeasure for protecting bases or areas in High traffic space.


Sounds like it would be a good mission.

Course D-scan won’t let you detect cloaked objects. Anyway, +1 for thinking about Eve.

By the way, threads like this should be posted in Player Features & Ideas


Thank you I will make sure to post there next time :slightly_smiling_face:


No, go away.


Come up with a better reply, that one is old.

No, go away.


Please show us how it’s done.

Does that work at gate camps?

There is a reason why mines were in the game long time ago and were removed: players are a crafty bunch and will always find a way to abuse them.

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First off, space is three dimensional. You dont know how annoying this would be, to Dscan up and down and left and right.

Secondly, protecting? So what happens to the allies of those that placed those mines? Do the mines just not activate? Do you know how OP that is?

Your old!!

maybe but we do it anyway tbh :stuck_out_tongue:

No, we usually dont. Especially not with Dscan.

i do, sigs are rarely on unilateral plane; i dont think anything really is 100%.

D-scan doesnt show you the location or exact distance of objects. The only way you would use D-scan for sigs is to scout if there is someone that could possibly be there before you. And even then, its not absolute. You would not use D-scan to search for sigs. Infact, I dont even know if thats possible.

The only way this mine placing and mine-searching method would work with D-scan, is if you set it at a small angle and short range. And yes, almost no one uses this in a 3-dimensional method. You would literally have to set D-scan as a small cone in front of your ship, and slowly maneuver forward. I dont even know if its plausible to do so.

So yes, this idea is terrible.

Only if you are the one doing the camping when its said.

oh i dont know about mines or that i just know i use dscan a lot, even as far as searching for wrecks before; it can be done, bit of a ballache but if its between two points etc etc blah blah…

not sure why mines were removed, probably poor implementation and spamming around gates or something it was a long long time ago.

Same to you, Grandpa.

D-scan detecting cloaks? Well, I see that idea being attacked. Which it has already. hehe

I feel a lot of people in this thread have gotten hung up on terminology rather than looking at the idea of space terrain and a scanner to highlight said terrain.