A message emerge when i try to log in

User EVE-SSO-CONNECTION is banned pending investigation
Last login: 2017.12.04 02:45
Number of visits: 231
Reason: Please contact customer support

i send a few tickets but still no response can some one help me with information about that

I can’t speak to the nature of your ban, though I suspect it might be a safety measure to protect against unauthorised access to your account. I’ve heard of a few people who have had this issue after the SSO bug the other day.

Please be patient, customer support will need to review and resolve the issue. Submitting multiple tickets will only cause more backlog and slow the process down.

I hope you hear some good news soon.

I had the same message four days ago.

The next day CCP replied that my account was hacked.

Since I have no news.

Good luck because you will discover the true face of CCP and not that of the com so-called close to the players.

Get out with your tinfoil hay theories

You got hacked, CCP is looking into it like it’s been said on your previous threads

@Tetrakus_Krividus We have advice you that you need to wait and closed your redundant threads. I am going to ask you to stop spamming this issue on the forums, both in your own topics and in other people’s topics. If you continue I will forward this issue on to CCP Falcon and ask that considers action against your forum account.

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