Eve offline - CCP REGRESS

Since the server problem one of my accounts is banned …

User EVE-SSO-CONNECTION is banned pending investigation
Last login: 2017.12.03 12:33
Number of visits: 364
Reason: Pending Ban - Please contact customer support

I managed to connect 364 times while the launcher was blocked ??

I made a ticket and since always nothing.

Not only are the servers in boxes but in addition the customer service is deplorable.

Thank you CCP REGRESS !!

I don’t think that number means what you think it means.

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This looks like some kind of automated ban.
Probably system crapped itself multiple times if it came to this.

This is definitely an automated ban in my opinion. When the server detects “extreme anomalies” in either a players login or account behaviour CCP will ban the account to make sure assets and SP can’t be stolen.

The login count is the number of times you have logged into the account (ever). Don’t worry about that number.

Contact customer support with a petition and they’ll get it sorted for you.

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