A Need for a Permanent Arena

Amen brother! You understand where I am coming from.

I did play D&D awesome!

posting multiple threads is looked down on. it clogs up the forums… creating one, just in the assembly hall would have sufficed. Then the CSM’s could have taken it up with ccp if it were a feasible idea.

we don’t need more instanced areas of space. you can easily do what you want if you and another person duel at the sun together in the same ship etc.

I don’t get what you are talking about.
Are you saying that the thread’s a troll attempt ?
Your other response in the thread neither seem to be serious.

I guess it depends it on the viewer. But I watch streams because of the streamer’s personality. Some people are genuinely funny or interesting or skilled. The most popular streams are where streamers interact with their audience. The game is just a medium.

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