A new massive feature to the game that will bring in thousands of new players to EVE

This is a big one, and to understand it you must do some research.

The idea:
The entire game Dual Universe in EvE on our planets.

The game is about planet game play and building, operating and protecting clone, rare components rare resource, etc. factories.

A market exist just for products used for on planet game play and for eve, outside eve market.
When one enters the system the planets people play on the market window can be accessed.

The vehicles and ships that are built on the planet can not exit planet atmosphere, to transport between planets in that solar system one used portals ore clones.

This feature, which is a new game in itself will draw people that play survival and building games. Examples being Planet Nomads, Dual universe, even Star citizen.

Playing this game in eve universe will give the end game a meaning. As long as one SUBSCRIBES and played the game on our planets they will contribute to the EvE universe.

To achieve this CCP only needs to create a physics based and voxel based engine, the rest of the content will be created by the players.

To draw in those that want to play single player Survival/Building game one planet will be under the protection of concord. Later CCP can include content for single players in the form of missions and Eve lore.

I will edit this post with more ideas for the game feature.

I believe this is more lucrative project for CCP than the potentials of project nova, and it gives us a new type of game play when we get tired of eve and want to try something else.

More ideas:
One EvE planet connectivity could come in the form of orbital airstrike that is scheduled. The people on planets can create structures like bases, ship yards and factories and they can protect them with shield bubbles. These bubbles can be attacked from space by eve players. Because the whole solar system (that the entire game exist within) in under the protection of Concord the orbital strike has consequences for the ship that fires the weapon. Making the cost of the strike high and the strength of the shield strong it makes the strike a “expensive” act.


You lost at “single player”. This is an MMO.

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I just call it that, its just a planet under the protection of concord, just like in EvE

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A planet under Concord protection equals bot farming 24/7. Again, no.

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bots not allowed?

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F*** no bots aren’t allowed in EVE. Did you seriously just ask that?


Don’t know if you noticed, but EVE has ALWAYS been a survival game. Survival just differs in the particulars when there’s a fully functioning economy.

Dual universe is the one that just hired one of the founding members of CCP, right? I’m looking forward to it, but even on a concept level, that kind of gameplay wouldn’t carry the same significance if it were added to EVE. Mostly because in EVE it wouldn’t be for survival, it would be for profit, which would make it as tedious as PI. Also, like PI, it wouldn’t end up being a rich experience as promised, it would just be some half-assed abandonware.

On top of that, run the cost vs reward for developing the feature. It wouldn’t bring in very many new players because it doesn’t address what makes people stay or quit. Yet it would cost as much as, or possibly more than, building a full game from scratch.

edit: just read your post more carefully. If you’re wanting an insular game that’s completely separate from EVE, what’s the point? Why even bother cramming the two together in one download, under 1 subscription plan?

Dust II, lol no.


We could probably get rid of PI but the problem would be the sphere cows…

I rrrrreeeeeeeaaaaaaaaallllllllyyyyyyyyyyy want some of the drugs you are taking!

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Maybe an Android App that you can take with you.

Eve Online doesn’t have an Android App yet for over the road gaming which would be nice to have.

OK. Here ya go.
Warning: Not Safe for Cattle.

Maybe a Capsuleer made game that uses the Unity Game engine along the lines of something like Tower Defense.

You have to place your defense towers on asteroids to protect the mining operation. At first the defense game would involve destroying frigates but would escalate to destroying blob gankers bent on destroying your mining barge.

Towers would have different weapontypes, ranges and damages so place them carefully.
Other towers would include Smart Bombing towers, Webbing towers and Cynosural towers. The Cynosural tower would cyno in random types of defense ships that would then automatically defend the mining barge, barges or mobile depot.

In later stages you could use mining towers in place of the your defense towers to collect more rocks that are processed and converted into ISK automatically to provide you with the ISK that you need compared to blasting pirates and gankers out of space at the beginning of the game.

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A society that goes out of its way to protect its weakest will eventually end up being weak as a whole, requiring protection by default. Humanity did not get this far by continuously undermining the evolutionary process, meaning: getting rid of those who are unable to deal with the environment.

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Damn I forgot we’ve been leaving our children and pregnant women out to the wolves and bears for the last 10,000 years. Let me guess, you like to think of yourself as a “sociopath”

I am not expecting that people from the internet understand others, but i am expecting that they at least try. You either use your brain when you speak to me, or there is no need to do so in the first place and you can continue living in a world where Ignorance apparently means Strength.

Think FIRST, post SECOND.

Thank you.

Excellent! Lots of words, little meaning.

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That is the worst possible thing that could happen to EVE.

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