An In-Game Parallel Universe

(All my ideas are only half-baked. And I am too lazy to finish anything. So I share this idea with the hope that others will add to it and hash out the details.)

The goal is to add a dimension of EVE gameplay that is isolated from the current universe, where everyone is voluntarily stripped of their wealth and resources, but can easily return back to them at any time.

I can imagine this being implemented in two different ways. The first might be the addition of a new class of wormhole that will only allow capsules to enter. Once you pass through the wormhole, you have nothing, but you can scavenge for things you need, like abandoned ships. At first this universe will be very simple, requiring a very small amount of developer resources. If and when it is embraced by players, it can be expanded. Think of it as an EVE do-over, but without giving up anything you have in the old EVE universe.

The second option might be more interesting from a lore perspective. And that is the re-activation of the EVE gate. Again, I would hope you can take nothing with you except your capsule.

Maybe there is an old station with a market that works just like the one we have now, but where ISK is not the accepted currency. A new currency would be used, and you would get it at first by selling scavenged items to NPC orders. Eventually players would add their own orders and begin to trade in the new currency.

Any time you want, you can return to the “old” universe the way you came in, taking only your capsule with you.

What about skills and implants? I’m not sure how this should be handled. For a true level playing field, skillbook skills and implants from the old universe would be useless. On the other hand, nobody wants to have to start over learning new skills. So maybe there would be no applicable skills in the new world.

I have more thoughts on this, but I’d like to hear what you think about it. Let’s make something compelling!

Sounds like it would be better as an entirely new game as the theme is survival and stimulates survival instincts rather than the organisation and strategic manipulation of accrued wealth and assets of the Eve experience in 2019.

Yes, I guess from that perspective it would be a new game. But there is a “captive audience” here, many of whom miss earlier days, before “the organisation and strategic manipulation of accrued wealth and assets of the Eve experience in 2019” came to exist. I can see the idea might appeal more to those who don’t think 2019 EVE is EVE at it’s best.

On day one, the theme would be survival, but as basic survival needs are met, a player’s drive to organize and accrue wealth kicks in, and the seeds of new empires are planted.

Put another way, if a new and separate game was launched - not connected to EVE - how many would leave EVE and play it?

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You can imagine the monumental time investment needed to create a game like that, and then imagine how that time and resource could be invested in Eve as it is and not creating a Meta Universe or Game within a Game.

New game with a survival focused theme would attract new players as you could imagine, sure. But if the question is would it be worth creating a Game within a Game, you would have to also ask, is new content more important than old content that could use refreshing with the current universe we have? And all the cool things we have acquired thus far?

An interesting podcast to listen to right now is Joe Rogan with Programmer John Carmack. John talks about how many hours someone spends creating a tiny vase within a game only for a players to skim past it and not really acknowledge it… From that perspective it would probably be more rewarding as a Designer to spice up what we already have and not leave the Old Universe to be forgotten… I guess that would be subjective but…

Sounds like it would be simpler just to spin up another server. The end result would basically be the same.

Which, tbh, is a horrible idea. Literally the worst thing you could do to EVE is split the community up like that.


Press Board my Corvette

Problem Solved


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I guess I don’t see the development as a very big project, since I am essentially wanting the same game we already have, but with player assets reset to zero. If there is a station to dock in, then I don’t see Board My Corvette as particularly game-breaking, although it wouldn’t be my choice from a lore perspective.

Revisiting the base missions and revamping starter agents could be a more practical solution. Then you could just start a new account/fresh char and experience survival. Starter missions etc would need to be a bit different I guess, maybe they reward components that are essential to you building your stronger ship…

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