A New Player's Story: 2017

This had me laughing for quite some time, I’m still giggling a bit when I think of it. :smile:

Yeah, the “X” series of games are very cool to be honest, I was very impressed with one of the versions around 10 years ago.

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is there a tl;dr version? I am kind of interested.

If he is so bored eventually by everything, maybe he should play other game then. There is plenty of fun outside of EVE. Then different one, I think some people will get bored of everything eventually.

Older player thinking of returning and was looking on the forums and found this little gem…

OP seems to think the game should be how he wants it to be. He was taken out at the very moment he felt successful and that does suck. It does happen too. Don’t count your chickens before they hatch.

I hate gate camps and gankers. But I do not want mechanics placed in game that remove that content. In fact, that content gave me content as I used to regularly take pride in busting gate camps and gankers, building a local reputation where explorers and industrialists in the region knew they were safe around me.

What the OP should do is join a WH corporation and specialize in the area he enjoys: exploration. He should leave the trade logistics (transportation of goods) to other corp members that are good at that gameplay.

Makes me want to return.

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