A New Race of baddies and a story line

For a bit now, i have had a plot rattling around in my head , so i figured, I would drop it here and see what you think…

here’s what i was thinking:
out of nowhere, massive ( and I mean massive, moon-like) ore formations simply appear out of nowhere, 1 even partially crashing into Jita and Amarr trade hubs

These crystalline orbs are full of ore and can be mined, though it would take a long time to deplete.

So capsuleers mine these Orbs as if it was the gold rush CCP had gifted to the mining community.

but then, after months of mining, have depleted the orbs, they crack. and what comes out is a race of creatures that are made of the orb… They commence to attack and spread out through systems.

All system hubs are “infected” space itself surrounding these broken orbs become infected and flying through this space slowly eats away at the hull structure of vessels and drastically reduce speed… shields are not affected. coming to a dead stop will stop aggression from the npcs.

These creatures attack a capsuleer by attempting to digest the ship. a successful “kill” doesnt explode the ship, but changes the ship skin to “infected” and that ship now becomes property of the npc to fight capsuleers. the capsuleer is ejected from the craftand the pod is targeted for destruction… a temporary (different) skin would also be attached to anyone who fights them and survives or kills the npc.

killing an NPC acquired ship, hands out possible loot drops of modified modules similar to abyssal modified gear

the PVE would be to save the trade hubs and other NPC stations from (assimilation)

their goal is basically to eat ships and structures… we are food.

A fleet goal is to target the nucleus of the broken orbs and destroy it as you would an upwell structure.

“infected” stargates could send you anywhere in the eve randomly, including wormhole space. ( one way trip)

After a period of time, the npcs will eventually die off,. leaving the infected ships behind for re aquisition and or looting…

ny thoughts, :slight_smile:

I like it. The orbs could be infested with Rogue Drones.
Safes the hassle of yet another new Baddie imho

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