A new Spider Tail ship class or module to disrupt ganking?

So would providing them with the ability to break targeting locks on a massive scale - but you don’t suggest that.

Come back with more detail and, if possible, some likely downsides - for there are many.

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I seem to recall that there was a target spectrum breaker module at some point but I’m not sure what happened to it (renamed, etc.)

Because we have been given very little information on the ecosystems of the inhabited worlds of New Eden. I’m sure there are hundreds of thousands if not millions of horrific nasties that lurk in every corner of the known universe.

@TheHound_OfGreys Quite possibly, although in New Eden the environment is designed to encourage combat, but in RL there is a ‘possibility’ that our world is the only one with higher life forms. It just might be however that how we evolved and the need to survive that we think the way we do, so we project that onto anything different and expectation to find that elsewhere. Now you’ve got me wondering what type of world and factors are required to allow a higher lifeform to evolve that doesn’t have a competitive nature?

No, it would make ganking that ship nearly impossible for the cost of one LowSlot. Also why should haulers have Access to a highly specialized military technology that requires a specialized hull even for combat purposes? They already can use the standard damage control system to beef up their tank.

Again: ganking is not a problem that needs fixing. Almost no one is ganked anyway when comparing ganks to the total number of hauling, mining or missionrunning n highsec. We are talking about not even ONE PERCENT. All the strategies to avoid being ganked are easy to learn an easy to execute as well and by following them you are 99.9% safe already. Why isn’t that still be safe enough?

Modules to disrupt ganking already exist.

Modules to compensate for ignorance, arrogance, indolence and stupidity, however, haven’t yet left the drawing-board.

Until they do, ganking will continue to provoke and to educate. I think this is a good thing.

@Syzygium @Sasha_Nemtsov The main point of this idea is not to stop ganking, but to mix things up a bit and throw a new element into game play. At the moment the closest I’ve come across to this is the collaborative ‘decoy’ method. But collaboration requires the various parties available to take part. Something like a spider tail would not require this, but it would be weaker than a collaborative effort.

It’s just that I cannot see at the moment that you have demonstrated a need for a new element. If you think the current situation is stale, or lacking in some other respect, then you will have to take into account the views of both sides. In my view, there’s nothing wrong with ganking as it is. I don’t find it stale, therefore I cannot see a need for a new element to be introduced.

You have a similar starting point to that of Dracvlad - who also doesn’t want ganking to be removed. Rather, he would like to see ganking and anti-ganking better balanced.

Of course, your view does not resemble Dracvlad’s in that sense, but it will, in any case, come up against the views of people like myself and the game’s designers, who (for the moment, at least) believe that tampering is unnecessary. Perhaps there are more important matters claiming their attention?

But, of course, you’re welcome to bounce ideas around. Who knows, perhaps some of them will make landfall?!

You sure are a curious being…
Size doesn’t matter…

I’m not sure about shapeshifting but the Scorpion has a long tail…
maybe a miniature Scorpion could do?